Señora Colombia

An LGBTI beauty pageant

On the seedier side of downtown Medellín the LGBTI community celebrates and parties in an event hosted by “Gente Diversa”.

Colombia 2018

River Turtles

Release of endemic endangered species of turtle podocnemis lewyana

Puerto Triunfo. Colombia 2018

landscape Colombia

Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia. Colombia 2018

Perder (Lost)

- a collection of stories of lives & livelihoods lost during the armed conflict in rural Colombia. A journey through a few of the many deserted communities of the Middle Magdalena valley and Urabá/Dabeiba regions, both of which suffered numerous massacres, forced displacements & combats from mid 90s to mid 2000s. Colombia 2008

Genesis – the war comes to el Chocó

The 1997 military incursion into the Pacific department of el Chocó by right-wing paramilitaries and the military.
Colombia 1997-2003

The Dream Factory

Street football and urban landscapes in Medellín.
Medellín. Colombia 2004-5

Caught in the crossfire

The indigenous Uwá driven from their lands by combats between Army and guerrillas.
Colombia 2011

Editorial & documentary photography - images & stories from the Americas

Photography from Colombia, South & Central America (and sometimes elsewhere) by photographer Paul Smith