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Desechables – Colombia’s Elites and Aporophobia · On the spot where 29 people perished 25 years ago in a massacre in Colombia’s second city, Medellín, activists protest present day massacres by painting outlines of corpses on the street tiles. The common of these crimes a quarter of a century apart are that the killers acted with impunity. More commonly they will die by their own law. And the intellectual authors who pay the poor to kill the poor, or those who defend the poor, while the intellectual authors look on with impunity.

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Medellín · October 2020 – Gina Ramirez and husband Alejandro take communion at San Cayetano church as religious services resume. The couple had attended the church for the baptism of their one year old daughter, Alejandra, which had been scheduled for March six months earlier but was cancelled as the city went into lockdown.

On these pages are a selection of photo stories I have done over the past few years in the Americas. Most of the works are from Colombia, a country I first visited in 1994 and which has been my home since 1999.

The folios of the Colombian Armed Conflict are images most of which are unpublished. I hope that these and the contextual and anecdotal information annexed will be my grain of sand towards remembering and perhaps understanding a little better an armed conflict that is far from ended despite having changed its dynamics. These are folios are made up of “notes” and will slowly grow as the pictures texts and maps etc. are slowly added when time allows.

Paul Mark Smith ~Medellín, Colombia · 2020

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