The Rag Ball

A book published in 2018 with eight chronicles by eight authors on the theme of football and how it is helping to  bond and heal the social and psychological wounds left by the armed conflict in Colombia.

Goals in the Clouds (Goles en las Nubes) is a chronicle by Patricia Nieto about the hamlet of Llano Grande-Chimiadó, where 300 demobilising FARC guerrillas arrived to begin the process of reinsertion. The strategically important region in the north of Colombia region had borne witness to many savage episodes in the armed conflict (See Perder – stories from La Balsita) where killings were committed by guerrillas of the FARC as well as by right-wing paramilitaries in cohorts with the Colombian army’s 17th Brigade.

The text and photos tell the story around a game of football between ex-combatant FARC guerrillas, men from the village and police of the Carabineros against soldiers of the 17th Brigade.

The two teams pose for a photograph. In blue, the team made up of ex-guerrillas, rural police and local civilians, and in white soldiers of the 17th Brigade.

El Espectador – a link to an article in the Colombian national press about Goals in the Clouds and the book The Rag Ball.